Affiliate Income Secrets Review

Affiliate Income Secrets Review – The Easy Way  To $10K/Month By Copying An Ex School Teacher? 


Name: Affiliate Income Secrets 

Product Owner:Mike Thomas (Mike from Main)

Website: Click Here 

Price: $17  


What is Affiliate Income Secrets? 

Affiliate Income Secrets is a step-by-step video course that shows you how to move from a stable position to generating $ 10,000 a month as an affiliate marketer.

Who is Affiliate Income Secrets for? 

This course is ideal for beginners in affiliate marketing. There are also some gold nuggets for seasoned marketers, but they may find that the course is a little tiring, because Mike is addressing basic concepts they already know.  However, for beginners, it’s great. I have seen far too many courses in the past, referred to as “beginners”, and then the crucial aspects are ignored. This inevitably leads beginners to not be able to replicate success. Mike spends all his time examining everything in detail, so that even a child can understand all aspects. 

3 Things You Will Love About Affiliate Income Secrets 

  1. It’s a video step by step video training, where you will not leave out. Nothing is passed over in silence. Mike even gives you links to great resources he uses himself in his business, such as free spaces to advertise your new affiliate business, a webcam and a microphone that’s best to use, video editing software, etc.
  2. Mike’s years of teaching, he has a great way of explaining things so that anyone can literally catch concepts quickly. Again, it’s perfect for beginners.
  3. Mike’s unpretentious nature is refreshing enough in this industry. He seems to be genuine, even admitting his failures and mistakes. For example, in a video, he talks about specific errors he made when creating landing pages. It also allows you to watch him log in to his PayPal account to find that his methods earn him more than $ 10,000 a month. These are not the typical pictures bought with pictures you see everywhere (which can be easily tampered with). If you like the non-hype approach, this course is for you.

What Will You Get Inside Affiliate Income Secrets?

Inside Affiliate Income Secrets, you will get 22 videos, which walk you through all the ‘building blocks’ of Mike’s affiliate business. These 22 videos are split into 2 parts: 

Part 1 – “A Complete Look At My Business” 

Video 1: Creating Your Empire 

Video 2: My Personal $277/day Blueprint 

Video 3: Income Cash Calculation System 

Video 4: Audience Conversion Cash Cow 

Video 5: The Authority Rub-off System 

Video 6: The VALUE Enhancer 

Video 7: Networking For PROFIT 

Video 8: Your Daily ATM 

Video 9: 24-Hour Product Creation 

Video 10: The No-Product-Needed System 

Video 11: Scaling Secrets 

Video 12: The $1 Start 

Part 2 – “The $277/Day Quick Start Formula” 

This series of 10 videos presents concrete examples of how Mike realizes consistent commissions for affiliates.

These videos corroborate what you learned in Part One, and it’s rare to see a marketer practicing everything he teaches, proving that he only teaches you what really works for him, not rumors or a theory he found elsewhere.

Any Drawbacks to Affiliate Income Secrets? 

As I already explained, there are some golden nuggets that even seasoned marketers may have forgotten in their affiliate business. This is a very comprehensive course, designed to get beginners to more than $ 10,000 a month, on a “no loss” basis. If you are an intermediary, you may find that some of the courses are a little tedious because you already know the information. That’s really the only drawback … digging and finding the missing puzzles. If you are a beginner, there is no problem, because it is this level of detail that you must succeed. 

Do You Get any Bonuses with Affiliate Income Secrets?  

Yes. You can have access to live training where Mike shares more of his secrets. But the best thing to do is that you can ask him anything on his system. So, in case of doubt, it is not necessary to guess the answer. 

Final Thoughts on Affiliate Income Secrets: 

This industry is full of people who speak, but few make serious affiliate commissions. Mike is very sincere in showing you exactly how he earns about $ 10,000 a month and gives you real case studies to see all of his teachings in action. In addition, the fact that he is a former teacher is a real advantage, because he has the means to make you understand certain aspects in the clearest and most concise way (he had to teach indocile and undisciplined children, after all!)

If you have already bought courses that you find difficult to understand because crucial elements have been obscured, then Secrets of Affiliate Income is for you. 



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