Email Ramp Review

Email Ramp Review – Can This Software Churn Out Converting Emails, Without You Hiring A Copywriter?

Name:   Email Ramp

Product Owner:  Neil Napier

Website:  Click Here

Price:  $37


What is Email Ramp?

Email Ramp is a push-button software that sends proven emails to convert to send them to your email list and generate sales – ideal for those who hate writing or who are paralyzed by the author’s blocking.

Who is Email Ramp for?

Email Ramp is for anyone with a mailing list. Ignoring all the noise that email marketing makes is hogwash! If it’s death, why do major brands ask for your email address to send you newsletters, offers and discount codes? The truth is that email marketing always has the best return on investment compared to ad serving or other forms of marketing. Some of the people who can benefit from Email Ramp are:

  • Product owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Offline businesses
  • Social media marketers
  • Local marketers
  • Ecom store owners

Email Ramp is also for newbies as one of bonuses is the “5 Minute Daily Blueprint” … a report that shows you how to build a fast list, with just five minutes of work per day. Once you’ve got a list, you can get used to emails Ramp to generate sales.

3 Things You Will Love about Email Ramp:

  1. There are over 999+ pre-written emails in Email Ramp, spread across 11 of the largest online niches today, including Internet marketing, dating, personal development, cryptocurrency, and more. Just load the software, choose the niche. you want, and comes out a load of emails, ready to be connected to your answering machine.
  2. Each of these emails was written by the best writers. In addition, Neil and his associates used these emails on their lists. It is therefore proved that each of them converts. Learning to create perfect marketing emails can take months or even years … Email Ramp is the ultimate shortcut.
  3. Not only can you choose the niche, you can also choose the type of e-mail you need. Email Ramp contains all types of e-mails that you might want to send to your list, including content e-mails to feed a list, product launch e-mails, offer e-mails to limited time, pre-launch emails, etc. These emails are designed for email lists that have become cold, with subscribers who have stopped opening and reading your emails. These perfectly designed emails will make them read again, resurrecting your dead list!

What Will You Get Inside Email Ramp?

  • Email Ramp Software – just pick a niche and it will hand you proven-to-convert emails to send to you list.
  • Choose emails from 11 of the biggest online niches:
  • Internet Marketing
  • Weight Loss
  • Beauty & Skincare
  • Online Biz Opp
  • Dating
  • Self-help & Personal Development
  • Crypto-currency
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Parenting and family
  • eCommerce
  • Video services
  • Choose from different types of emails for different results.
  • List Nurturing Emails – earn the trust of your subscribers and put them in the mood to buy from you.
  • Pre-launch emails – create anticipation in the minds of your subscribers, before launching your product.
  • Product Launch Emails – use these emails to virtually force your subscribers to buy from you.
  • Story Emails – Use these story-based emails to engage your audience and showcase your product at the end.
  • Emotion Selling Emails – people make emotional buying decisions, and these emails will tap into that emotion and encourage them to buy.
  • Discount Offer Email – Use these discount and limited time offer emails to push your subscribers to the brink of buying, for quick sales.
  • Reengagement emails – even if your list is dead, these emails will reactivate them and make them reagent again.

Any Drawbacks to Email Ramp?

Email Ramp is a cloud-based software, which means that you can access it anywhere in the world, provided you have an Internet connection. The disadvantage is that if you lose your Internet connection, you do not have access to it. The best solution is to plan ahead. Most marketers will charge their answering service with at least one to two weeks of emails, which should already be sent. This means that even with connection failures, you have a little time to get back on track.

Do You Get any Bonuses with Email Ramp?

Yes. There are 5 bonuses in total:

  1. Free Listening Webinar – Neil will show you how to create a list without spending money on paid ads.
  2. Email Marketing Hack – An eBook, as well as videos and audiobooks, that tells you the best way to manage your email marketing business.
  3. 100 Powerful Object Lines – Use these proven subject lines to get high open rates for your emails, in addition to what you already get in Email Ramp.
  4. 5-Minute Daily Master Plan – How to create a huge email list in 30 days, spending just 5 minutes a day – great for beginners who do not have a list yet.
  5. Facebook Ads Video Course – How to Create Profitable Facebook Ads to Add People to Your Mailing List

Final Thoughts on Email Ramp:

Even experienced marketers get empty moments when they try to write emails. Everyone keeps telling you how important it is to stay in regular contact with your subscribers so they do not forget you … but it’s easier said than done!

Email Ramp means that you should never sit around looking at a blank computer screen and ask yourself what to write. Just choose your niche and a long list of emails is offered. And you can also choose the type of e-mail you want to send, such as the product launch e-mail, the e-mail feeding, etc. Use e-mails as is or modify them to add your personal touches to personalize. When you think of the time you have lost offering your own e-mail ideas (or how much you paid for a copywriter), Email Ramp becomes obvious.



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