Instazon Review

 Instazon Review – The Complete Amazon Business SetUp For Newbies?


Name: Instazon 

Product Owner: Cyril Gupta 

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Price: $37  

What is Instazon? 

Instazon is a very powerful suite that will help you make profits with Amazon. Every product in this suite is new and fresh. The product is based on four powerful desktop applications offering market insight.

The first app is the Instazon Keyword Creation Wizard. This app will find you all the keywords you want for any niche you want on sites like Amazon, UK, Google, Ebay, Bing and even Walmart. Find the perfect keywords to position your product and get a higher rank. You can use these keywords in your product reviews or YouTube blogs and generate organic traffic.

Next is the Instazon Search Assistant. This tool will tell you exactly which products are ranked at the top for a particular keyword, know and understand your exact competition. If you have a blog, you will know which product is the most aligned and sell more.

Then you have the Instazon Product Wizard that will help you find the best products for sale in any niche on Amazon.

Finally, you have the Instazon Critic Assistant. This wizard will let you know exactly what people think of a product.

The suite also has 2 powerful WordPress plugins.

1) WP AMZ Store plugin will find products for the desired niche and fill your online store in auto mode.

2) WP Product Store plugin. This will help you display your products on your website/blog, in addition to your other content. You can migrate traffic, sell products and make money.

Instazon also offers AMZ MAster Seller, a complete video training program. From the beginning, it will guide you through every step of Amazon Ecom trading.

Who is Instazon for? 

Instazon is designed to be a complete solution for beginners wishing to access Amazon. However, even if you are a seasoned Amazon Ecom marketer and do not need training, market information software tools will help you reduce the time you currently need for research. of products, niches and keywords, which makes Instazon attractive to all Amazon users the sellers.  In addition, creating a secondary revenue stream benefits all types of business owners, such as:

  • Ecom sellers – maybe you already sell on your own website, on Ebay, Etsy, etc. You can now get your products in front of the largest Ecom public on the planet.
  • Local businesses – supplement your revenue with Amazon’s online sales and grow faster than ever.
  • Blog Owners: Complete your current revenue from Product Ads, AdSense Ads, and more. with revenue from Amazon affiliates.

3 Things You’ll love About Instazon: 

  1. You’ll like all the arsenal of business intelligence tools. Amazon’s success is not based on guesswork. It’s about knowing what the market wants now and giving it to them. My favorite tool is the Review Wizard, which sorts millions of reviews to pinpoint what customers want from a particular niche. Negative reviews on Amazon can be a gold mine for savvy marketers looking for products that fail and how to improve their own products. But going through a ton of comments is not fun! This tool does all the hard work for you.
  2. The complete training covers BOTH selling methods on Amazon; sell your own products and have them filled in by Amazon (FBA), or sell Amazon’s products as an affiliate. This is great because beginners can start with one method and then diversify (I would suggest that beginners start as an affiliate because the FBA method involves upfront costs in product creation / shipping and storage charges with Amazon).
  3. You’ll how Instazon does not forget the little details! Not only does it provide you with a fantastic plugin that makes it possible to create great Amazon stores on the fly on any WordPress site, but you’ll also find a wonderful little plugin ‘automatic recommendation’, which includes all the reviews of products you want to promote on Amazon are automatically lifted and posted on your WordPress site.  It’s powerful because people buy products by force of others just like them, leaving positive reviews.

What Will I Get Inside Instazon? 

The Instazon suite includes various awesome elements:

  • Training – to learn how to run a profitable business on Amazon.
  • Simple and detailed instructions for selling to Amazon as an affiliate.
  • Simple instructions to sell your own products on Amazon (FBA), step by step.
  • Market intelligence software – so you have the tools to spot the right opportunities.
  • Instazon Product Wizard – Find the best products for all niches.
  • Instazon Search Assistant – Find top selling products for a keyword.
  • Instazon Review Wizard – Use feedback to find out what customers want.
  • Instazon Keywords Wizard – Find the best keywords to target on Amazon.
  • Amazon Store WordPress – So you have the scripts to set up an Amazon store without any technical skills.
  • WP AMZ Store – Instantly configure great Amazon stores.
  • WP Products Store – Powerful automatic recommendation plugin for your blog or shop.

Any Drawbacks to Instazon? 

The training is a pretty long video course. However, I do not really see what the product creators could have done to shorten it. Some courses are much shorter, but they omit crucial information that will make the difference between success and total failure on Amazon. It’s a complete course that takes beginners by the hand and guides them to a successful Amazon company. Yes, spending hours watching a video may seem like a chore, but it’s worth it when, in the end, you have a complete plan to succeed.

Get A Complete Overview of the Instazon Suite

Final Thoughts on Instazon: 

Amazon currently has 2 million associates, accounting for 40% of Amazon’s total sales. That equates to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products sold by people like you. Before Instazon, the problem was that you did not have everything in one place. You had to have different formations, different software platforms and plugins (many colliding with each other), etc. Instazon solved this problem by proposing a unique solution. Moreover, since it covers both the business model of Amazon affiliates and “filled by Amazon”, it is guarding against the future. You can start as a beginner today, as an affiliate member of Amazon, and get the most out of Instazon for 3 to 5 years, because you are now switching to the FBA Profit Model!

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