Interactr Review – A simple 4 step system  that turns ANY video into an automated profit machine? 


Name: Interactr 

Product Owner:Ryan Phillips 

Website: Click Here 

Price: $47 

 What is Interactr? 

I bet you’ve seen interactive videos before, either online on YouTube / Facebook or on smart TVs in the commercials of your favorite show. They are the ones who ask you to choose the version of the advertisement you want to see. For example. a popular shampoo brand asks if you want to know if your hair is thin, rough, frizzy, etc. Once you click on it, you will see the ad that matches your particular problem.

These types of interactive ads are powerful because, instead of the usual “one-way” one-way video messages, these videos become a two-way interaction with your potential customers, allowing them to tell you what they want and what they want. sell effectively! And now, with Interactr, you can turn any of your videos into a two-way interaction to dramatically increase your conversions, engagement, and sales. 

Who is Interactr for? 

Interactr is very easy to use and, from this point of view, it is suitable for beginners. However, this assumes that you are already using videos, which assumes that you have already started an online business. From this point of view, it aims a little more than the beginner level and beyond. Basically, anyone using videos to drive traffic and sales can benefit from converting their traditional “broadcast” unidirectional videos to two-way interactive videos: 

  • Affiliate marketers  
  • Product owners 
  • Local businesses
  • Ecom store owners
  • Local marketers
  • Social marketers  

3 Things You Will Love About Interactr: 

  1. Interactr allows you to create interactive videos that look slick, and yet require you to have zero video creation experience. Just fire up this intuitive, easy-to-use software and just follow the steps it gives you.
  2. Interactive double converts, triple audience commitment, and increase click here! Just a few short years ago, they were very popular, and they did not like that YouTube was king of video. This proves how massive video is. But now, everybody’s Facebook feed is littered with videos. Interactr will allow you to share your audience participation is required.
  3. You will love anything that gives us ‘little guys’ the chance to compete with big brands. It always seems unfair that the rich just keep getting richer, because they have the deep pockets to invest. Interactr creates slick, interactive videos using the same technology that giants like Maybelline are using, but you get access for a tiny fraction of what these brands pay.

What Will I Get Inside Interactr? 

You get the full, intuitive Interactr software platform, which includes: 

  • Video Hotspots – Create clickable hotspots on your video so people can represent their own race and broadcast more content.
  • Canvas Editor – your interactive video workflow is so easy to navigate.
  • Popup Templates – create interactive popups on your video, collect coupons, sell products, distribute coupons, and more.
  • Chapters – Organize your content into chapters that are easy to navigate and accessible through a dynamic timeline.

Any Drawbacks to Interactr? 

The only drawback is that you have something with the most out of Interactr. Perhaps you’ve already created a few reviews as an affiliate, or you’ve created some videos selling your product? If you’re a complete newbie, who has no idea of what avenue to pursue online, Interactr is not for you. However, if you ‘ve already started making money online using some of the most popular videos, you’ re not using videos, and you want to rectify this, creating interactive videos and explode your traffic, conversions and sales. 

Do You Get any Bonuses with Interactr 

Yes, you get a whopping 10 value-adding bonuses to Interactr: 

  1. Interactr Asset Pack – Get all of Ryan’s video, audio and animation assets to help you set up your interactive video experiences in the most professional way.
  2. Retargeting case study: How we converted $ 850 to $ 16,982 – let Ryan show you how to use video ads in the most effective way to generate a good return on investment through retargeting.
  3. 5 steps for 1 million views on YouTube – a special in-camera training given by Ryan’s partner shows how he has won millions of views and 50,000 subscribers, in 3 days, by hacking YouTube.
  4. Mastering YouTube ads: Learn how to set up YouTube ads so you can quickly and easily deploy your videos to YouTube and start driving traffic.
  5. Mastering Facebook Video Ads – Learn how to set up FB Video Ads so you can immediately get quality, cheap video traffic from Facebook.
  6. VideoSuite Play Button Creator – In 2017, Wistia discovered that it was possible to increase e-mail click rates by 40.83%, simply by inserting a video image into the e-mail. Here is a brilliant software that allows you to do it exactly with your emails.
  7. VideoSuite Spoiler Box Creator – increase VSL sales by 73% by adding video spoiler under your video, without the need for Photoshop knowledge.
  8. VideoSuite Thumbnail Creator – Improve up to 10% video viewing by quickly and easily creating thumbnail images that make your videos unique and clickable.
  9. VideoSuite Monthly Stock Video – access to a monthly video asset club so you can get the exact video assets that Ryan uses in his business.
  10. VideoSuite Monthly Stock Audio – access to a monthly audio asset club so you can get the exact audio assets that Ryan uses in his business.

Final Thoughts on Interactr: 

Everyone knows that video content turns into sales better than any other type of content. Unfortunately, traditional video marketing is dying and what worked in 2010 no longer works in 2018. Everything changes today with the launch of Interactr 2.0, the revolutionary video creator that gives your viewers the choice to see what they want to see It’s as if all these books “Choose your own adventure” that you had in your childhood, but that you bring them up to date for 2018. People are tired of watching a video that sell them something … They want to be part of the action! Interactr uses the “Behavioral Dynamic Responses Marketing”, which means it engages your viewers individually. Internet users see your marketing messages based on the choices they make directly in your video. It’s so unique that these videos ultimately allow your viewers to sell – highly recommended!




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