LIVEreel Review

LIVEreel Review – How to Rocket to the Top of Google, Facebook and YouTube, Without SEO? 


Name: LIVEreel 

Product Owner: Abhi Dwivedi 

Website: Click Here 

Price: $37.95 

What is LIVEreel? 

Did you know that Facebook ranked live video in news feeds higher than any other type of content? In addition, Facebook users spend 300% more time watching live content than regular videos.

However, being “live” in front of an audience is rather scary, right? LIVEreel allows you to download pre-recorded videos and then stream them “live” on 15 different platforms, without having to be “live”. In other words, it takes your videos and makes them look like a live show! Now you can take advantage of the tremendous potential of live streaming on traffic without worrying about the hassle and fear of being in front of an audience.

Who is LIVEreel for? 

LIVEreel is very simple to use and, from this point of view, it is suitable for beginners. However, this assumes that you know how to create one and that you are already making money online (or at least that you have chosen what you want to do online). From that point of view, it is aimed at slightly above newbie-level and beyond.  

Basically, anyone using videos to drive traffic and sales can benefit from transforming their videos into live content so they generate a ton of traffic on their products, offers and services.

  • Affiliate marketers  
  • Product creators 
  • Marketing agencies 
  • Advertisers 
  • Ecom store owners  
  • Local marketers  
  • Social media marketers  

3 Things You Will Love about LIVEreel: 

  1. The simple solution to a problem will be one of your great loves. We all know that the live connection to Facebook and other platforms is something to do online right now, as we continue to see these message notifications on our phone, indicating that a person we know is now live. The problem is that most of us are shy, and we are afraid to freeze in front of the camera, stumble over our words and look stupid. LIVEreel removes all that. Create a video, bounce as many times as you like until you get the right answer, then use LIVEreel to schedule it at a time that’s right for you, then stream it as live video, which you will look like a flawless pro!
  2. It live-streams simultaneously to 15 social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, as well as your own website to increase website traffic and attract visitors to your own landing pages, websites, ecommerce sites, and blogs.
  3. It has an auto-reply function, which means it’s for people who comment while you’re “live”. It’s a brilliant feature, because it allows you to interact with your audience even though you’re not really “live”. You can add typical responses to LIVEreel so that it responds automatically and interacts with everyone in your audience who makes comments.

What Will You Get Inside LIVEreel? 

You get the complete and intuitive software platform LIVEreel, which includes:

  • Go live on 15 social media platforms simultaneously, including Facebook and YouTube.
  • Schedule your live broadcast at convenient times.
  • Integrate eye-catching images.
  • Integrate your broadcast on your own website.
  • Add background music and multilingual legends.
  • Automatically respond to your viewers to keep them engaged.
  • Deal with angry customers about the complete private message of the autopilot.
  • Automatic filters to prevent spammers from entering the broadcast stream.

Watch LIVEreel in Action Right Here

Any Drawbacks to LIVEreel? 

The only drawback I can see is that you need to know how to create videos. LIVEreel is not a course that guides absolute beginners in creating videos. If you are a complete newbie and have no idea how to make money online, LIVEreel is not for you. However, if you have already started making money online using videos of a certain capacity, streaming them is the perfect way to get a high ranking (and therefore a ton of traffic) from Google, YouTube , Facebook and other platforms.

Final Thoughts on LIVEreel: 

Live broadcasts generate instant traffic with videos dating back to 2010. Video is the most consumed content online, but it is now a very crowded place on social media platforms. The creators of LIVEreel have found an ingenious way to stand out from the crowd and get traffic and engagement through live streaming. Look, livestreaming for traffic generation works – period. But the problem was the fear of living. LIVEreel solves this problem because it uses pre-recorded videos, which means no fear or worry about getting fucked on the camera!




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