SMSBot Review

SMSBot Review – How to Get 90% Open Rates  For Your Marketing Messages? 


Name: SMSBot 

Product Owner: Gaurab Borah and Satish Gaire 

Website: Click Here 

Price: $37 one-off for Lite / $97 per month for Elite 


In a Nutshell, What is SMSBot? 

SMSBot is the first SMS autoresponder in the world … an Aweber for SMS! The truth is that more and more people are ignoring marketing emails. In addition, email service providers, such as Gmail, filter marketing messages and place them outside the main inbox, meaning users never even have the ability to read your messages. Compare that to SMS. People are practically stuck to their phones. For this reason, SMS messages are open and read much more than e-mails (90% to 95% open rate). SMSBot allows you to do anything an email autoresponder would do, such as capturing leads, sending messages, etc., but using SMS instead of an email.

Who is SMSBot for? 

SMSBot is very simple to configure and use, even for people who think they are technically facing problems, so from this point of view, it is suitable for beginners.  However, this assumes that you operate an online business and that you have a list (although one of the training modules shows you how to create a list of mobile phone numbers from scratch with free traffic). There is an assumption that you are already making money online (or at least that you have chosen what you want to do online). From this point of view, it aims a little more than the beginner level and beyond.

Basically, anyone with a business and capturing leads in one way or another can take advantage of SMSBot:

  • Online marketers  
  • Offline marketers 
  • Consultants / Coaches 
  • Bloggers / YouTubers 
  • Ecom store owners  
  • Local businesses (restaurants, bars, retail stores, doctors, attorneys, realtors etc.) 
  • Local marketers  

3 Things You Will Love About SMSBot: 

  1. If you hate complex ideas and products, you will like the simplicity of SMSBot. We all know what we look like with our phones. We are on them all the time. They have become our agendas, our alarm clocks, our game consoles and even mini-TVs … so it makes sense that SMS messages have a much higher opening speed than e-mails. And now, with SMSBot, you can send text messages the same way you create and schedule emails using your answering service. To get the most out of SMSBot, you’ll also get full video training.
  2. SMSBot has all the functions of an autoresponder email service. This way, it can collect user information at every step of the process (email, location, age, etc.), send unlimited number of SMS campaigns, store mobile phone numbers, and more. when you compare it to the unique costs of SMSBot Lite, it becomes obvious.
  3. The creators have thought of all the possible scenarios allowing a company to use SMS. So there is the Lite version, a one-time payment of $ 37, which is perfect for people who own a business, whether online or offline, and just started. But there is also the Elite version, which costs $ 97 a month, and allows local marketers (or those who want to become local marketers) to sell SMS services to local businesses. The Elite version gives you a commercial license that lets you manage an unlimited number of customer campaigns in your dashboard and charge each customer a monthly recurring fee (many companies will be happy to pay you more than $ 500 for this type of service).

What Will You Get Inside SMSBot? 

You’ll have the easy-to-use SMSBot software platform, which includes:

  • Easily collect user information at every stage of the process (email, location, age, etc.).
  • Get up to 95% open rate.
  • Unlimited lead capture.
  • Unlimited SMS campaigns.
  • Storage up to 1000 mobile phone numbers (Lite) / up to 10,000 (Elite).
  • Works with all types of websites: WordPress, OptimizePress, Instabuilder, Igloo, Thrive Architect, ClickFunnel, Convertri and others.

You’ll get a complete video training:

  • Module 1 One-Time-Setup – You are shown how to start in 90 seconds.
  • Module 2 Creating your bot LOGIC – You will learn how to configure the logic of your SMS bot so that when users want it, you will be able to collect additional information (location, email, age, etc.).
  • Module 3 Copy and Paste Mobile Widget – You will learn how to copy and paste the snippet of code on your website or blog, and then “upload” it.
  • Module 4 Simple Traffic – You see how people will join your list, either by texting a keyword that you have defined, or by entering their number in a form that triggers an SMS confirmation.
  • Module 5 Scaling Your Campaigns – You will be shown how to tailor your campaign and maximize your return on investment.
  • Module 6 – Piracy of Free Traffic – You will learn to capture hundreds of mobile phone numbers without money reduction. Ideal for those whose budget is limited
  • Module 7 – Maximize profits with intelligent retargeting: After resizing your campaigns, you’ll discover how to increase your profits by adding retarget.

Any Drawbacks to SMSBot? 

The only drawback is that SMSBot Lite can only contain 1000 mobile numbers.  If you need more storage space, you must upgrade to SMSBot Elite.  That said, with open rates between 90 and 95% and a complete training that shows you how to get the most clicks, engagement and sales generated by your SMS, even with a cap of 1,000 numbers. mobile with Lite, make serious profits. At this point, moving to Elite becomes extremely affordable.

Do You Get any Bonuses with SMSBot 

There are no bonuses with Lite, but with the Elite monthly program you get:

  • “Done for you” campaigns – 25 proven plans that guarantee a guaranteed commitment of more than 90%. Simply copy and paste these templates into SMSBot so that your prospects do the rest of the work for you (that is, answer all the questions you need to be able to sell them regardless of your offer ).
  • Live Webinar Training – Join a webinar with the creators of SMSBOT, who will explain how the app works, show you best practices and help you solve problems you may encounter during a Q & A session in real time.

In addition, remember the 2 main differences between Lite and Elite. With Lite, you can store up to 1000 mobile phone numbers. With Elite, you can store up to 10,000.

And Elite also gives you a commercial license, which means you can offer SMS services to other companies (unlimited number) as a Local / SMS Marketer (Lite only allows you to send SMS for one company).

 Final Thoughts on SMSBot: 

Imagine getting traffic to your website, blog, or YouTube channel … so what? Most people browse once and leave forever, never to return. The old solution to this problem was: “Just add an email capture form”. But does it still work? Nope!

Nobody likes e-mail subscription forms anymore because they know what will happen next. They will be bombarded with 100 emails a day, which they do NOT want.

So what are smart marketers doing? They send their marketing messages via SMS. SMSBot allows you to place marketing messages directly on your phone, offering you the technology that was previously only available to major brands, at a fraction of what they pay. Seriously, even experienced marketers can only dream about 90% or more of opening rates by email. But now, with SMSBot, you can take advantage of record opening rates and convert your prospects into buyers … every time! 



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