VidInflux Review

VidInflux Review – Create UNLIMITED Traffic Sucking Videos in under 60 Seconds?

Name: VidInflux 

Product Owner:Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah & Finn Goswami 

Website: Click Here 

Price: $57 basic / $67 with commercial license 

What is VidInflux? 

Vininflux is a video creator software capable of transforming standard boring videos into high conversion videos. How? Because it automatically adds to your video elements that make it very attractive to social networks, which gives you a lot of free viral traffic from platforms such as Facebook. What’s great is that it creates and publishes videos that generate traffic in less than 60 seconds.

Who is VidInflux for? 

VidInflux is so easy to use that you can create a video in less than 60 seconds and publish it, ready to generate traffic.  However, software developers assume that you already have an online business (or, at the very least, have one). This course will not help you start a business from scratch. From this point of view, it aims a little more than the beginner level and beyond. This is for anyone who wants to harness the power of social media, especially Facebook, and get free viral traffic from simple videos. Some of the people who can benefit from it are:

  • Affiliate marketers 
  • Online product owners 
  • Video marketers 
  • Social media marketers 
  • Local marketers 
  • Ecom store owners

3 Things You Will Love about VidInflux: 

  1. You’ll love the quick addition of items such as link banners, frames, calls to actions, and more. directly in a video. When you’re not a video marketer, it’s easy to forget all the essentials for one video to go viral and another to vanish. VidInflux has all this in a dashboard, so you can add everything and publish within 60 seconds.
  2. You’ll love the drag-and-drop interface!  Click on what you want, drag it to the part of the video you want it on, and drop it in place – it’s easy!
  3. The potential problem about VidInflux is: what if videos do not look good on mobile screens? As more and more people are watching mobile videos than on desktops, it’s imperative that any additions to your video via VidInfluz work on mobile screens. Generally, creators have thought about this and made sure that all additions that attract attention work great on smartphones.

What Will You Get Inside VidInflux? 

You get the complete software platform based on the cloud, including:

  • Upload your own video or get the best viral videos for any keyword.
  • Powerful drag-and-drop editor, with a huge selection of images, fonts, elements and gifs, making it easy to create viral videos.
  • Get the best content based on the selected video.
  • Works in any niche with trendy hashtags for any target audience.
  • Publish the video directly to the FB pages or timeline, then upload it to your own system or website.
  • Share videos on different social networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumblr, etc. You can even share all the networks at the same time, instead of one by one.
  • Publish the video instantly or schedule a preferable time and date.
  • Management dashboard to control all your videos from one place.
  • Analytics dashboard to see the evolution of your videos and their traffic.
  • Commercial License ($ 67) – Generate social videos for an unlimited number of customers and receive $ 200 to $ 500 per video.

Any Drawbacks to VidInflux? 

The only drawback I can see is that it is necessary to already have an Internet business (or to build one). This is not a class that shows you how to make money. This assumes that you are already creating, or looking to create, viral videos to get viral traffic to your affiliates’ offers, products, services, websites, etc.

If you are a complete newbie, who has no idea how to make money online, then VidInflux is not for you. However, if you have already started making money online using videos of a certain capacity, or if you want to start making videos with a foolproof success rate, then turning them into social videos, with all aspects that will make them viral, will bring a ton of free traffic, which means more sales and profits.

Watch VidInflux In Action Here

Do You Get any Bonuses with VidInflux 

Yes, you get 3 bonuses:

  1. 1-Click Full Social Media Syndication – syndicate to networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, G +, Tumblr, Pinterest & StumbleUpon so you can get even more traffic from different social media networks.
  2. Pro “Layers” Technology – adding layers to your social videos is a great way to get more engagement & more attention, but it’s difficult to create other platforms like Camtasia. This makes it point & click simple.
  3. Auto Hashtags Syndication – automatically import all of your tags from youtube and turn to social media hashtags in one click.

Final Thoughts on VidInflux: 

According to Forbes, more than 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day. Does this mean you can just post a load of videos and attract a ton of visitors? No! Nowadays, it’s not enough to stick an old video. You need social videos.

Social videos are captivating, professional and fun videos for traffic, which are magnetic for social media professionals. And when you have a good social video, you can start getting 100% free traffic from scratch. Now, with VidInflux, you’ll be able to create and publish social videos in just 60 seconds, with each video generating free, fully autopilot traffic to your offers, products, and sites.




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